Take note and get ready to embrace the ten trendy colors for                                                             Spring Summer 2018.


With color on the catwalk this is a key indicator of the color stories we can expect to see showing up across all areas of design. The PANTONE  Color Trend Report is your easily accessible guide to the season’s most important color trends.                     

Lavender: this color will dominate the whole summer season. Romantic yet elegant, you can place this with other soft colors or make it more masculine and pair it with bold colors. This color would pair good on an accent chair, throw pillow, home accessories.

Purple: Pantone’s 2018 color of the year is Ultra Violet. A color that intrigues with its hybrid, mysterious nature. This color can be paired with almost any color if you are looking for a bold, blunt, rich design. With my designs I would use this color as an accent color.Just a pop.

Rapture rose: a full, princess-like, intense pink shade, that pairs good with sheer light fabric, and and give an chic look with light colors, while giving an edgy look with darker and metallic colors.

Sky Blue: a fresh color that evoke a serene sky. Pair great on Pillows, Curtains, Artwork, Chairs.

Light green: green is back also for summer 2018, this time with a delicate and fresh nuance. Why not get as edgy as you can get with this green, it can be pair with almost any color and look great on accent pieces. 

Military green: considered now as a neutral hue, just like beige, it often ‘breaks’ elegant or sporty looks on military style pieces. Also looks great with more bold colors like, red, Pink.

Milk white: a full, warm hue. Nothing to do with optical white, cooler and cyber-like. This shade was spotted on light, natural materials on garments conceived for an exotic journey. This color can be paired with almost any color.

Chocolate brown: brown is back on the runway. Intense and enveloping, it will impossible to resist this shade, just like it’s impossible to resist a chocolate praline.this color will go great with Military green, Sliver, and Navy.

Yellow: A vibrant, energizing tone of yellow. And a little wild, too, yellow’s comeback for 2018 is strictly connected to purple, its complementary color.

Tomato red: a totally bold, entrancing hue. Once again can be paired with almost any color and looks great as a pop of color.