Do you have a room or space that needs some help with styling and you're tired of trying to figure it out on your own?

Well you have came to the right place, let's turn your space into a place you love.

Ure-Decor E-design Services is an affordable and accessible form of interior design that's carried out online ,via email ,and other platforms. With this service our stylist will help you with the design and styling process and all you have to do is put your designs in place. In addition, this service gives you an opportunity to transform the look of your home in a way that fits your style, timeline, and budget. 

Want to design or redesign a single room or your whole house? Well, Ure-decor offers different e-design packages based on your needs and budget. Our packages are flat fee pricing so you know exactly what you'll be paying up front.



Ready to give your space a brand new look? The full E-design package may be the perfect fit. You will be paired with your very own Interior Stylist and together you all will create a custom design for your space. You'll fill out a survey about your project, and provide photos, measurements, and inspiration images, and then your stylist will get to work. The start-to-finish timeline for this package varies, but once your stylist receive your project information in hand, it typically takes about 1-2 weeks for them to put together an initial design for a single room.

Once your design is ready, your stylist will share your designs with you via email. After you receive your designs, you’ll be able to offer feedback and comments. You will receive up to three revisions to help refine the design if needed.

Once the design is finalized, your stylist will send you your shopping list and your shopping links and you’ll take it from there to purchase the pieces and put your brand new space together!

 You can also take advantage of our Shopping Services and allow your stylist to handle all of your shopping and ordering for you! 


What’s included:

  • Selection of any furniture, decor (including wall design and art, mirrors, pillows, and rugs), lighting, ready-made curtains/shades, and paint color recommendations as needed for the room

  • A design board, which is a visual representation of what your space will look like with the recommended furniture and decor

  • A to-scale floor plan of the room layout

  • A shopping list with links to the products and purchasing information

You can also add-on any package according to your needs.



Want to spend some time with me discussing your home and get some design advice? A virtual consultation might be just what you need. Maybe you have design dilemmas in different areas of your home that need solving, or maybe you have ideas, but need a second set of eyes to make sure you’re on the right track with a project.

Whatever the need is, we can solve it! By starting with a small questionnaire, then sending in pictures, followed up by phone call and video call. Once we finish our chat, I’ll put together follow up information to send to you that includes ideas, product recommendations, and/or inspiration that’s tailored to helping you move forward with your project(s).


What’s included:

  • Up to an hour-long video call using FaceTime or Skype (additional hours are available to purchase as needed)

  • One-time follow up information either via email or my online client portal depending on what’s needed

You can also add-on any one of our Styling Packages that may fit your needs.

Please note that because this consultation does not involve the creation of a design board or floor plan, any product recommendations are meant to be inspiration only. Always verify to make sure the furniture or decor is the right fit for your home in regards to style, size, and scale.


 Shopping Services

 If you have not found what you are looking for on our website or need our services Ure-decor can help you with that.

With our online Personal Shopping Services, Ure-decor will take the hassle out of shopping around for the perfect items that you need to style your space.

Whether, you a very busy,  do not have time,  do not know where to begin with styling your space, or don't know where to get the items you need.This service can be a great help to you.

Ure-decor Personal Shopping is exactly what it sounds like, we handle all of your home decor shopping needs. Ure-decor is here for you every step of the way.


What’s included:

1hr Consultation with your Interior Stylist to see what items you may need for your space.

Continuously communication with your stylist by via email or  by phone until your needs for your space is complete. 

Once you and your stylist agree upon the styles that works, you will receive a shopping / price list and links of the items that you decide on.

Your designer will order, pick up, deliver, and ship your Items that you choose from the list.

You can also add-on any one of our Styling Packages that may fit your needs

Please note: Items that you choose for your space, delivery and shipping rates will apply.


 Payment is expected upon agreement in writing to the services listed above prior to beginning the design phase. To purchase a package, click on the package of your choice. The web links provided in the final source list may include affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission from your purchase at no additional cost to you.