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Our E-Design Styling Consultation is an easy budget friendly on-line styling service that helps aid our clients in the process of styling their space. Ure-Decor will give you the tools that will help you to embrace your style and create a look for your space, based on your style, at your pace, and on your budget.
What you will Receive:
  • Your Very Own Personal Stylist
  • 1hr Consultation to allow you and your stylist to create a custom  look that works only for you and your space.
  • Color Consultation to help you to come up with the perfect color scheme for your design.
  • This Package is one room only but you can add additional rooms for an extra charge.
  • Placement Consultation will help you with the placement of your Items, while making sure you achieve your overall look.
  • Wall Design Consultations will help you style your wall with paint, wall covering, or even art work to give your space a distinctive look.
  • Accent and Accessories Consultations will help to give your space that finishing touches  that will blend all of your styles together and help you achieve overall look that you are looking for.

Still have questions? Feel free to CONTACT US with any of your questions or concerns, so that we can help you to feel more comfortable about you decision.